Never take advice from a computer.

    The Personal Proverb was made as a birthday present for Patrick "Tricky Victory" LaVictoire.
  1. Update 2020-11-09: "An obstacle in the way doesn't say anything at all.
  2. Update 2020-05-11: "Soft! Ignorance can't teach an old dog new tricks."
  3. Update 2018-12-29: "Put down a towel and fool around until you figure it out."
  4. Update 2018-10-19: "Jimmy Carter is just a substitute for luck."
  5. Update 2018-01-17: Improved handling of imperative and first-person singular verb phrases.
  6. Update 2017-10-25: Added more Ghostbusters quotes. Happy Halloween and you're welcome.
  7. Update 2017-10-11: Singular subjects now get singular verbs. "Happiness is mightier than the sword."
        All older permalinks should still work.
  8. Update 2017-07-01: "Those who would trade a little liberty for a little security don't rock the boat."
  9. Update 2017-06-26: Improved permalink functionality.
  10. Update 2017-06-23: "Even broken clocks do not suffer fools."
  11. Update 2017-05-31: ???
  12. Update 2017-05-12: "Sooner or later, it comes down to Fate: old habits put the cart before the horse."
  13. Update 2017-04-23: "Life is short, and we too are beautiful."
  14. Update 2017-04-22: Finished permalink system, added some (more) pop culture.
  15. Update 2017-04-20: Wisdom: "Move out to the country and eat a lot of peaches."
        Also: first rudimentary permalink system.
  16. Update 2017-03-25: "You can't un-mash a potato."
  17. Update 2017-02-20: "Thousand-mile journeys make you stronger."
  18. Update 2017-01-29: "Cheaters put not trust in princes and sons of men."
  19. Update 2017-01-12: separated final conditions from verb phrases
        in cases with no prounoun/antecedent pairs
  20. Update 2016-12-23: "Pride goeth before destruction; the wise sharpen each other."
        Also: improved syntax for imperative proverbs
  21. Update 2016-12-16: "When someone asks if you're a god, get out of the kitchen."
  22. Update 2016-12-15: "Curiousity gathers no moss."